Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Top Interesting 10 Sites I found by surfing.

The ranking is only indicating which ones I think of  first, second, third ect. It doesn't reflect on a level of which i think are better ohhkaaay! Here goes:

  1. RetailMeNot- I am a bargain shopper, and this website has okay coupons...I saved myself 10% off ^^
  2. Chegg- This is for any college kids out there like myself... puurty finds in here :D
  3. J-List- This is for any Japan/Anime person! J-list usually has more adult content and J-box is for the 18 and under :)) so for any one who doesn't want to see none of that xxx rated stuff J-Box is for ya!!! BTW: they have awesome looking bento boxes! Huge fan lol
  4. SuperPoke Pets! (SPP)- OMFGGG!!! lol I am addicted to this! This website is like those little tamagotchi pets you had as key chains and you fed, cleaned, and played with them!! ONLY its virtually :)) See! (below), remember those!
     5.Weebly- If you have something to sell, say, or just for randomness, but you're not too computer savvy this website is for you! ...and for me (lol) I created a page just to check it out and it came out good, not to toot my horn or anything. ^^ I have been thinking of making something to sell too! Just because its so easy to create a website with Weebly!

     6.Interpals- You guys looking for a penpal, someone to write to from another state or country...try this website here. Some of the people I've meet have taught me a thing or two in their native language. I think its fun to communicate to someone else and find out their view on things ((:

     7. Youtube- If you don't know about youtube, here it is! Youtube is very popular and its great way to watch videos and the new "it" thing vlogs! There some funny people out there with interesting lifes to get them up to 1 million viewers!

     8. Photobucket-  Many of you already know about this site. Photobucket is mainly an image hosting website where you can share your photos with anyone on the web.

    9. OMGPOP- This is just a website where you can go to if you're in the mood for some online games :) I love playing Pool and Draw My Thing!

   10. Blogger- How can I not put this site as my ten interesting websites (: I think it's great that there's a way for people to express themselves and possibly have others see it! I'd be lying if I said I do this for myself, and I don't care if anyone reads it. LIE! Well maybe not doing it for myself part, but also I want to share some of my thoughts with the web, and I do care if someone reads my posts (: Feedback always welcomed ^^

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