Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fashion Don't

The Crocs

The crocs were initially intended for Spas, they should have stayed there. I know crocs are comfortable because I have tried them on before, but to actually go on the streets, publicly, is a huge no-no. Trust me these shoes don't do anything pretty for your feet. They do provide comfort so for a beach or at home shoes they are fine. For walking outside of those places that's why they have sandals or tennis shoes. Eww just looking at hem gives me the creeps! For those who stop by and read this how many of you own crocs?


Monday, April 18, 2011

ninjaloverfly's thrift pick!

I am a thrifter I hate spending ridiculous amounts of money for clothes... yes I may agree that the pricier clothes do last longer, but if you can get clothes for cheap and good material (coughs thrift store more coughs) then why not? So I present to you the thrift pick of today!

Tag Reads: Alfred Dunner

(Print colors look slightly better in the picture above)

So I'm using my cell phone camera at night (with help of a lamp) so obviously the lighting is horrible, but here's the complete outfit I wore today ^^

 I mentioned it was dark, to be exact night so that's why I don't have shoes on lol. And the rest is blurred because my room was a mess xD You can tell I'm not the typical size 1,2,3,4 you may see other bloggers do their fashion blog but hey no body is the same right!

Every thing I'm wearing is thrifted the shoes weren't but I may post a pick of those later.