Saturday, October 6, 2012

Found this treasure!

A Pocahontas Music Jewelry Box that plays "Just Around the Riverbend!"
by Linden

-ninjaloverfly :)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

What's your body shape?

All these weird things like hearing my peers say, I'm a pear! or I wish I was an hourglass. I was like WTH are you talking about! After I understood that they were talking about their body shapes. I just found it silly the names used assThociated with body shapes; apple? square??  The proportions of the object made sense when comparing to a ones body, but personally I was confused in what category I belonged in. Everyone sees their body in their own way so here I am thinking I have these GINARMOUS thighs, but the reality was they weren't as huge as I thought them to be. So in case you find yourself in this same scenario or you are just curious to see what your body shape is I found these two websites to help you figure it out :)

this site (above is okay)
this one is a little much better because it actually lets you record your measurements for a more accurate reading :) PLUS it gives you tips on the best ways to dress your body shape and what to accentuate.


Friday, January 20, 2012

the "Palazzo" pant... hmmm?

This is a trend that is starting to be seen more and more. From runways, to celebrities, and from celebrities to the everyday commoners as myself. I believe there are certain clothing pieces that any type of body can pull off, but not the Palazzo pant. I mean those hemlines, ahh, they get bigger and bigger! I myself haven't tried a pair of Palazzo's, but I don't think I will any time soon. Don't even feel encouraged to buy them as an experimental thing. First of, I am short my upper body being more longer than waist down, so I really don't want to look like I'm drowning in a pair. Second, I am not slender so I feel like Palazzo's will make me look more fuller than I am. They probably work much better on a slender/tall gal with long legs :) Also, they make great runway pieces or editorial pictures, but I don't know how the pants plus movement works out. But maybe there is a perfect hemline for each body? Not too wide where it looks like you are drowning in it, and not to narrow where it will take the Palazzo out of pants? (good theory if i say so myself). Now I know I am judging a book by its cover right now, but when I do try a pair I will again compare. It's good to compare a before and after opinion post, I know I could possibly have a change of mind. I love to try new things and the Palazzo's are on my list of clothing pieces to have (that and peter pan collars among other things !).

If any of you have a pair I'd love to see a picture of you in them! C'mon someone show me that I'm wrong and short curvy gals can wear them too!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Product Reviews

I am a girl with a simple life, and for the most part with simple needs. I don't often like to use many products because there's always a skeptical part in my mind saying will it work? I do not like wasting  money on useless products. I do recognize that one must do so in order to find that perfect product that works well for you. Now below I will give a review on these products that I have been using for more than a year so I can truthfully say they work well for me, and believe they will work for many out there (gosh, I sound like an infomercial). Anyways, I won't try to convince you to use it, but I will give details of why I use it/them. If you find yourself in the same boat as I am in, then why not give these a try.

  • have really dry skin? flakiness? itchiness/irritation?

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion

Since I was young I've had really dry skin. Oh my you can not imagine (unless you have experienced it). Every time after I showered I would feel my skin really soft and nice, but after mere minutes passing my face would feel like it was getting tighter. Not even an hour later I had flakes! I tried putting different lotions right after the shower and they worked... for a few days. It was just super uncomfortable for me. I also had itchy skin on my arms (in the elbow folds) and no creme soothed my arms. It got to the point where I bled from all the scratching I did. I had to squeeze lemons on just so I can make the itchiness go away (for a while). Other lotions which had scents made it even worse so I had to start looking for unscented ones. After trial and error I found this Aveeno lotion and as soon as I put it on my skin felt super soft, and the best part, it stayed that way all day until it was bedtime! I was scratching less and less the more I used it and my rashes started fading away. I also loved that with this lotion I had to apply it less often than others. Now, a year plus later I'm still using, and still loving it! While my skin conditions did better I am always in need of the lotion because I naturally have dry skin, but it's okay now that I have this with me :)

  • want long lasting eyeliners? ones that color in dark and very pigmented?
 NYX Eyeline (this one is a red lip liner, couldn't find my eyeliner teehehe)

Now, when I say 'long lasting eyeliner' let me clarify that I mean it is only the case when you press the eyeliner down with some eye shadow. I also love that it is very inexpensive ($3) and gives me the right amount of pigment that I want! I tried the .99c eyeliners, but oh man they did not work. They colored in, but very faintly (it wasn't what I wanted). I soon found this brand of eyeliner (in multiple shades I may add) and they were perfect! When I draw in the line for my top lid it works good, now on the waterline is where I press with eye shadow (I try avoiding water-proof eye products). If you want something cheap, but that it gives you a good color then this is good :)
  • washing away eye make-up with water irritating? can't get too close to inside the eyes with other products?
Neutrogena Ultra Soft Eye Makeup Remover Pads

Looove! I wish I can say always, but I frequently use eyeliner! Now, I'll be truthful, but at the end of the day I sometimes feel so lazy/tired to go wash my eyeliner off and just go to sleep like that (*gasps*). I bet most of you have done this once or twice! I'd feel like I was in an episode of the Twilight Zone if I heard other wise ;) So that being the case I decided to give these removing pads a try and I love them! (or else you wouldn't see them on here haha)  Ooh I almost forgot I love that I can be really carefree and get the pad as close to my eye as possible without worrying if any of the product goes inside my eye. I do try and be careful because even though I do that there isn't anywhere on the container where it says it's safe to do so (but nothing has happened to me so I say try that at your own risk). You must wash your face with your regular cleaner after removing your make-up with this (but shhh sometimes I don't! eeeekk!!) I just get a damp cloth and do that instead. I can not guarantee how well these work for water-proof eye makeup, but if any of you know please share :)

I will try using new products just so I can review on here, but I thought I'd start with my most loved ones first. Take care random readers sending out virtual hugs!

ninjaloverfly :)

Friday, January 6, 2012

False Lashes

For Halloween last year (wow sounds like it was ages ago teehehehe) I dressed up as a 1920's flapper. Because of that I thought I'd apply false lashes (for the first time mind you). The picture on the left are the ones I got for that night, but I also got a practice run (right). They ended up staying, I applied eyeliner and mascara as well. Thing is I don't think the glue was strong enough (or it was me) and one lash always kept falling off so I just decided to rip the other one off and leave it alone. Well sadly the practice ones got ruined -_- Now I just have the glittery pair (which I may save for next year if I master the art of False Lash Applications ha!). Any other crazy 'first time false lashes' stories out there? :)

This is the only picture I took with them on (taken by with my webcam).
You can't really tell, but oh wells I tried :)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tea and crumpets anyone?

Hi'ya my lovlies! So my family and I did a yard sale not too long ago and as we searched through the many old boxes throughout my house I stumbled upon these (a Mrs. Potts and Chip set from Beauty and the Beast movie)! Originally there is a total of three more blank teacups, but one broke, and the other well it looks the same as the one I pictured. I am amazed that they have been in my garage for probably more than 5+ years and they managed to survive :) I had a duplicate set, but those did not survive and have a lot of cracks, and chips everywhere (sad).


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

thrift finds

Happy New Years to all whom happen to stumble across this lonely blog :)

To start of the year I went thrift shopping and scored these Anne Klein pointed kitten heels in a black and white color! They were only three dollars, and I figured I could incorporate them into an outfit (no such luck yet). May end up giving it to somebody else since I shop on impulse from time to time (doesn't everyone?). Well lovelies, until next time. Keep safe and work on those new year's resolutions (if you made any)!