Saturday, August 20, 2011

thirft finds

I ventured out to Goodwill this past week with a couple of friends, and let me tell ya, I wanted to buy the whole furniture section gaahhh! But no worries, I retained my self and instead hit the clothing racks :) Here are two items I bought:

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I'm still debating whether I got this on an impulse or not. I know I can make it work for Fall or maybe even Christmas, but well stay tuned to 'ninjaloverfly's thrift pick' see if I can make an outfit with this piece! Here's a closer look picture of the print:

This next piece I loved it! I needed a roomy tote like this for back to school, and such a statement piece for accessorizing with!

The Print is what I fell in love with at first:

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I've yet to score a big designer brand, but I usually don't look at the name brand, maybe I should do that next time. Have any of you scored designer vintage pieces? I'd love to hear what it was and for how much you got it for :)

ninjaloverfly -_-

Thursday, August 18, 2011

How to Thrift like a Pro!

So my blog started out like fashion general and I think I have finally condense it to thrift shopping in general, that does not mean I will not post about other topics, but this will be my main forte for this blog :) Anyways I always ramble lets get on with the post!

For those who haven't  tried thrift shopping, I order you to do it!!! ;D No, but really give it chance especially if you are a bargain hunter like myself. Yes it is second hand clothing, which means others have worn it before it was in the racks (some cases things are new, but not many). Yes, there will be garments with yucky stains. Yes, sometimes the sizing is from like 50's-80's so of course you may be an XL (don't freak!). Yes, it will probably be staanky (depending on what thrift store plus location you find yourself in... maybe that's why they have really big fans, or keep all the doors open hmmmm).

High maintenance people out there may have harder time coping with all the above, but if that's not you then why not give thrifting a chance? Okay here's a list of tips I abide by, and some that have to be musts!

1. Don't just hit the first thrift shop you see, look around a bit in your town because many of us may not want to face the "ewww" moments such as it stinking, or garbage clothing (meaning it's stained, ripped, or too old). There must be more than one thrift store/Goodwill where you live... right?
2. Expect the unexpected. Don't go in with an idea of what you want it's totally different than a department store. When you shop at a department store there's multiples of items, not in a thrift store!While you may find the cutest darn skirt, it may not fit you, but that doesn't mean you should stop and give up!
3. Have time to spare. There are a lot of racks of clothing and I bet not all are in and up to your standards of second hand clothing. So you will most likely be spending quite a while searching, and that's fine sometimes we're lucky and find a piece right away, but as my mother said you don't win the lottery everyday.
4. Stick to tops, skirts, and dresses if you can. This is just a tip because personally I don't like shopping for jeans and shorts there. I don't know I guess it's because I think of the idea of someone's crotch touching the jean and not all people are.... so clean. Even when washed it grosses me out.
4. DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT BUY LINGERIE/UNDERGARMENTS! It's basically the same thinking about the jeans. Personally I don't let any family of mine barrow my undergarments what makes me think that I'll wear a strangers??
5. Wear comfy clothing. Meaning clothing you can move in freely, tight fitting as well. Such as long sleeved shirts and leggins. While I know of some thrift stores that have dressing rooms the ones in my town don't and sometimes I have to make sure the piece fits so I'll just put it over my shirt (or tights if it's a skirt).
6. Tip: if you don't like going alone or if it'll be your first thrift experience... take  a friend. Sharing a moment makes the experience much more fun. Also apart from that you will have two pairs of eyes looking so you will be able to scan the thrift store much quick, when I take someone with me I always pick out clothing they'd probably wear (but also look for myself duh!). But, if you like being a free bird, there are ups to that as well. Sometimes the other person may have time constraints which means you'll have less time to look through all (assuming that's your plan) so on your own you leave whenever your thrifting heart desires :) Apart from that, you will find pieces you love without the worry of having your friend find it first. Sounds selfish, I know, but c'mon haven't any of you experienced that.
7. Inspect the item like a HAWK! Things to look for: ripping, stains (especially in the underarm areas!), stitched incorrectly, buttons missing, broken zippers, etc. If you guys have more ideas feel free to comment.
8. Know when your thrift store gets "new" merchandise! This, I think, is the most important tip. Find out because that means you will get first pick at the new stuff and usually there's far better stuff in the beginning than after.
9. Last, but not least the obvious tip. Wash your clothing before you wear it out. Kind of a no brainer, but I do know some people who don't because the item looks new in their eyes, but you never can be too sure, so please wash them :)

Ta Daa! There you have it. Now, you have the right tips to experience the best trip out of your thrifting day. If any of you have more tips and comments about your thrifting experience I'd LOVE to hear them, so please comment :D

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Saturday, August 13, 2011

ninjaloverfly's thirft pick [2]

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So this scarf is a year or two old. I remember getting it just because I thought it was pretty (tend to buy on impulse often). I never did wore it when going out because I really didn't know how. this past Thursday I ventured out with some friends and I felt like dressing preppy, and figured it was about time to incorporate this scarf somehow.

Here's how I wore it :D

Red Sweater- "borrowed" it from my mom. ;)
Jeans- Levis
Purse- Ross
Brown Booties- Shown below, but from
Miss Me ankle booties 


You can see the scarf's print a little better here, it's tan-colored with white/blue leopard print. (Apologize again for the low quality but if you read my previous blogs it will explain why they are bad quality lol)

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               Incognito Forever and Always,
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Monday, August 1, 2011

The Dressing Room (Episode 1)

Celebrated my birthday a day ago and I went shopping! :D I was having shopping withdrawal for a while now so it felt relieving ha! Well  I went to TJ Maxx and I did find cute clothes, but not enough to buy them hehehe. Now I am not skinny (which you'll be able to tell from the pics) but that's why I am posting pictures of how the pieces fit me which can be compared to anyone's own body :)

For this shopping trip I was set to find transitional Summer to Fall clothes, because I always try to aim for something that I can get my money's worth. But I digress! Here take a look! Now I will forever on be apologizing for the quality of the pictures, but what can I say I'm still with the old school technology?? lol (plus the lights on the dressing room made it more yellow-y) Each photo will be paired with a similar like piece.



Miwok Sweater

This dress was a little harder to allocate but there are many floral prints out there right now with summer/fall so I just chose one based on the print, and because the bottoms are really similar.
Sweet Emma Rose Floral Dress

Allen Allen Strapless Maxi Dress

Weren't the happy faces funny?? I thought I would keep up with my incognito act ;)