Friday, January 14, 2011

Nautical Mania

nautical mania!

If you love anything sailor-styles, your reds, blues, and whites, stripes, and all this marine talk, then check these cute pieces out! Now they are all similar styles and/or colors because like I said below When you look everywhere you will be able to find similar looking pieces for cheaper. So check this cute dresses out!

All for Nautical Dress
$69.99 (out of stock, but they have an email sign up thingy that will alert you when it's restocked)


The Pin-Up Dress
$44.99 (out of stock- same as first dress)

Beyond the Sea Dress

Nautical Ruffle Dress (sorry for the small picture, but for this website you have the option of zooming in on some items so it was difficult to get it any bigger)

Sexy "Hello Sailor" Nautical Wiggle Dress with Red Stripes by Pinup Couture

There you have it! Although they are similar in color the style varies somewhat. All depends on your taste, and/or how much you wan to cover up ^^


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