Saturday, June 15, 2013

My Shopping Experience with Entry#2

SO ladies and gents (if there are any) it has been exactly 11 days since I made my jewelry purchase from Sammydress. Honestly, I have been checking daily the status of my package, but I haven't really become impatient about how long it has been. I just check it because I like to see the location my package is at (I find that incredibly cool, dorky I know.). only that in the past two days I haven't really given it much thought until I checked today in the morning and the location of where my package is at is here in my state a few hours away! I figured it would arrive today (which it didn't) or tomorrow (I hope so!!). This inclined me to write this post to just recap, and input my thoughts before I get the goods!

1) I paid no shipping costs since all the jewelry I picked out was FREE SHIPPING! I honestly was a little frightened about buying from somewhere far, far... far away, not in the U.S (where I am located.) So I figured an amount not so high for my first purchase would be okay since, personally, I didn't mind gambling that amount per say. Could have paid shipping for expedite shipping, but I was only willing to risk so much.

2) I really do not have any expectation of the items I ordered. I think I would have been more picky if it was clothing, but since that's not the case I have nothing more to add than that. However, I do plan on ordering clothing from the website and do another review in the future (around the end of July beggining of August to be exact.)  Only reason why I am hesitant not to do so is because I have seen that certain people have had to pay customs charge.

3) Customer Service: On my previous post I had stated that I did not know how their customer service was since I had not contacted them, but withing five days that I made my purchase I noticed one of my items read as "out of stock" so I emailed just to make sure if I was going to get the item. They took about a day and a half to respond, which to me wasn't bad since I know there is a major time difference and so on.

Ending thoughts: The only negative (slightly negative) thing I will have to say about Sammydress is that their representatives do not write very well in English, and I guess the only reason why this bugs me is because a) I'm anal (sometimes) about correct spelling and punctuation and b) there can be a misinterpretation from the sender to the person receiving. Though I, personally, have a problem with that I will say that they are very courteous! I LOVE that!

Until the final and last entry on my Sammydress review, take care!


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My Shopping Experience with ---- Entry#1

Recently I discovered this wholesale retail online shop, Sammydress, that sales cheap clothes online. Now, the first thing I asked myself was, what is "wholesale" mean? Well after watching countless hours of Youtube reviews, googling about the safe factor of ordering from this website, and visiting the site here is what I understood; Sammydress gets their merchandise from the factories that manufacture said products therefor, giving Sammydress the lowest amount possible for those items than they would be in retail stores. Here is the 'About Us' section on their website ( since my own interpretation may have been too vague.

Now, let me tell you folks, I spent two weeks (no lie) looking at the website and being amazed at the cute and fashionable clothes they have. The prices were making the garments even more alluring. Here's the thing I realized within three days of ogling. This is an asian online wholesale store. All the models are asian. Asians tend to have a petit body frame. I'm not asian. I'm considered a plus size in asian sizes. They only have a one size* fit for most clothes. Once I made these few realizations I discovered the shoes and handbags and decided lets go take a peek over to those items since a) they had my size in shoes, and b) handbags don't need to be "fitted." Guess what, I drooled over their shoes! I had quite a few pairs in my cart, but I still was hesitant about hitting the checkout button. During my Youtube investigation about Sammydress, I saw quite a lot of reviews stating that their items did not arrive, bought out of stock items to which the site had not stated were sold out, and said shipping took "forever." I saw plenty more about how the quality wasn't to their expectation, shipping costs was a lot. So I knew that I could not verify these claims until I purchased from them, but you can see why my hesitation was supported even more here at this point. Though, I could not verify here is what my expectations are on the items here on this site:
1) I get what I Paid for! Items being soooo cheap, I had to make a mind set that these aren't going to be top quality products.
2) Expect them not to last me a long time. Having said the above about the quality something that is not made well will not last you five years.
3) Patience is a Virtue! Parcels are coming from China, it'll take some time. Deal with it. (This one, I thought, wasn't going to be hard for me because I am a pretty patient person, plus I thought that if I forgot about it and then received it in the mail it would be a nice surprise for me.)
4) Communication is key! Here, I figured if I ordered something I can always email, and be updated on my items. Though I have not tried their customer service yet, so this one will need altering in the future.

After my week with my Sammydress account I found their Faceook Group. After liking them I was directed to their Sammydress Giveaway Group. Here I was thinking Oh gosh free stuff! Where do I sign up! Who doesn't like free stuff!! :) Go to their group and see how the contest works for winning. it's super easy! Now at this point I found out about S-points. There;s a wheel you spin and you can get up to 100s points to which every 50s points saves you one US Dollar on your purchase. Here I was like Ohhh yeah definitely getting me those shoes I've been looking at. Truth is when I went to my cart to see the total it was $19USD so I was like alrighty, I'm loving that price. Then I scroll a tee bit down to the shipping costs and the shipping was what kinda got me disappointed, but I soon realized the shipping cost made sense. Even though I realized it made sense it kinda hurt me seeing my $19USD turn to a total of $30USD. Here I was like No, I'm not ready to commit to this purchase. So again, goes my browsing and this time I moved to home decor stuff, and jewelry. Home decor has cute things, but the shipping still got to me then on to jewelry. I do not know if it is all jewelry, but I'll be safe and say mostly all are free shipping! I was like weeeeeeeeee! :) So I loaded my cart with a few pieces and my total was 12 something, I was able to use only like 3 dollars worth of S-points (I do not know why that is, but it seems it doesn't let you use them all only a certain amount.) regardless I paid for insurance and tracking information which was around three dollars so with my s-point it was basically free. I ordered yesterday June 4th. The status of my order is at "processed," but I cannot still track (Though I'll give that like a week before I do any contacting.) And there is where I am at with my order. I do plan to write a few more posts about my experience and I will definitely review the items I got here on my blog, so stay tuned!

To End: I mentioned one size sizes. This means that these sizes are meant to fit only a certain body type with specific measurements. The measurements are in each article of clothing (in centimeters). I forgot to mention how I like the fact that they have measurements for each item, but I cannot testify if these are correct since I have not purchased any clothing from them... yet ;)