Saturday, June 15, 2013

My Shopping Experience with Entry#2

SO ladies and gents (if there are any) it has been exactly 11 days since I made my jewelry purchase from Sammydress. Honestly, I have been checking daily the status of my package, but I haven't really become impatient about how long it has been. I just check it because I like to see the location my package is at (I find that incredibly cool, dorky I know.). only that in the past two days I haven't really given it much thought until I checked today in the morning and the location of where my package is at is here in my state a few hours away! I figured it would arrive today (which it didn't) or tomorrow (I hope so!!). This inclined me to write this post to just recap, and input my thoughts before I get the goods!

1) I paid no shipping costs since all the jewelry I picked out was FREE SHIPPING! I honestly was a little frightened about buying from somewhere far, far... far away, not in the U.S (where I am located.) So I figured an amount not so high for my first purchase would be okay since, personally, I didn't mind gambling that amount per say. Could have paid shipping for expedite shipping, but I was only willing to risk so much.

2) I really do not have any expectation of the items I ordered. I think I would have been more picky if it was clothing, but since that's not the case I have nothing more to add than that. However, I do plan on ordering clothing from the website and do another review in the future (around the end of July beggining of August to be exact.)  Only reason why I am hesitant not to do so is because I have seen that certain people have had to pay customs charge.

3) Customer Service: On my previous post I had stated that I did not know how their customer service was since I had not contacted them, but withing five days that I made my purchase I noticed one of my items read as "out of stock" so I emailed just to make sure if I was going to get the item. They took about a day and a half to respond, which to me wasn't bad since I know there is a major time difference and so on.

Ending thoughts: The only negative (slightly negative) thing I will have to say about Sammydress is that their representatives do not write very well in English, and I guess the only reason why this bugs me is because a) I'm anal (sometimes) about correct spelling and punctuation and b) there can be a misinterpretation from the sender to the person receiving. Though I, personally, have a problem with that I will say that they are very courteous! I LOVE that!

Until the final and last entry on my Sammydress review, take care!


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