Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My Shopping Experience with sammydress.com---- Entry#3

Okay! So as promised here is my last review about my experience with Sammydress. In my last post I had stated that the location of my items were near my hometown well they had actually arrived the 15th (when I wrote the last blog post) I was just not home so they left a notice on my door to which I was not notified by my family members until the following day. I happened to pick up my package the 17th of last month and have tested the items I ordered for durability so that I can talk a little more in-depth about the item with any potential sammydress buyers :)

Let me first get out of the way my thoughts about the shipping. From China to the U.S it took about ten days to arrive, I was pretty impressed about that, not going to lie! The packaging wasn't grand or anything special, just enough to get the job done. See below. The package was somewhat bigger than my hand and all the jewelry came packaged into separate plastic baggies.

 Now let's get to the good stuff, I'll put a picture of the item from the website, then one that I took to compare. I will link each item in the name of each piece, just click and go.

Laconic and Decent Four Check Embellish Ear Pin For Female


 I really have no idea why I chose these earring to be exact, but what I do know is that I like them a lot! This particular model had to color options, a beige and white or the black and white. I ended receiving the beige and white, this selection was at random, I wasn't able to control what color they were going to send me. In my opinion, these kind of look purple to me (or maybe I am just colorblind). I don't mind this because purple just so happens to be my favorite color! In these pictures they do look beige, but in some lights I see purple... don't judge me! I think the size is decent for someone like me, who does not like wearing big/long earrings.

Punk Personalized Style Rivet Embellished Earring For Women


This earring looks like it does in the picture so I was very content with that. The gold coating was to my liking on this one. Here is the issue I had with this one. The cuff part that goes on the upper part of the ear can definitely slide down, I had this happen to me a few times. Apart from that minor detail I enjoy the look this earring gives.

Retro Gothic Style Dragon Shape Earring

One thing: too small for my ear, and I do not consider myself having big ears. Although I may have big ears and no one just never has wanted to point it out to me hehehe. Anyways I would have rated it 5 stars if this didn't pinch my top cartilage area (where you see the feet). And I have it on the other way than the model is showing in the website picture, but I found this way it was less of a hassle to put on for me, and it doesn't redden my ear as bad (because of the pinching).

Pair of Punk Style Cone Shaped Alloy Earrings For Women

 I love these! Very punk-rock! This is perfect for making an outfit more edgy, and specially for those, like me, who do not want to commit to getting gauges and having a big ol' hole in their ear! They are comfortable to wear and are exactly as shown in the website! The only thing I find strange is that there is a limit to how far you can secure the front part to the back so they are not tightly pressing against each other so I was wondering maybe they could fall off, but they haven't done so in the 2 weeks I've had them! Recommend indeed!

Punk Style and Stylish Twining Snake Ear Stud

Rating: +

 This is my favorite purchase out of all the items I ordered this time! I've gotten lots of compliments when I wear it! Also, I have had a lot of people do a double-look. As in look, look away, and look back again so they make sure if they saw a snake-shape thing on my ear! It is pretty amusing :) The silver coating is very antique-looking which I love! It does not weight down my ear at all, and it is the perfect size for me! LOVE!

Corean Style High Quality Golden Hollow Ball Shape Long Pattern Necklace
The least enthusiastic purchase of all. I actually had high hopes for this one when I saw it on the website. I don't have any sweater necklaces so I figured I'd spend on one here since the price was soo low. First of, I made an error when looking at the picture because I didn't notice both balls had an 'A' encrusted with faux diamond gems. That is my fault and this doesn't have to do with the rating I gave it. So when  go this necklace I was not satisfied with the gold coating. It looked very cheap. Kind of like the toys you get in those machines where you insert a quarter or fifty-cents. Second of all, I only wore this necklace three times before breaking. Once when I opened my package, second time when I wanted to show my family the things I got, and last when I wore it outside. If this had a hook/clasp I think it should have been fine for some time, but the only way to put it in was over your head. I don't have a big head, but I do have big-ish hair so it didn't survive long :(

To End: One thing to note on all the earring I purchased from this website is that they did not come with metallic closures. They came with rubber-typed ones For me this wasn't a problem because I could just switch out from other earrings I have, but I know this could be important to some of you out there to know. Overall I was satisfied with this purchase and have not lost my confidence that I will purchase from this website again. I am planning on making my next purchase clothing, where I will have pay shipping (eeeeek) but I want to find out for myself how their quality holds up. Most importantly, I want shoes and handbags ;)
Until next time!


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