Saturday, August 20, 2011

thirft finds

I ventured out to Goodwill this past week with a couple of friends, and let me tell ya, I wanted to buy the whole furniture section gaahhh! But no worries, I retained my self and instead hit the clothing racks :) Here are two items I bought:

Tag Reads: Cabin Creek

I'm still debating whether I got this on an impulse or not. I know I can make it work for Fall or maybe even Christmas, but well stay tuned to 'ninjaloverfly's thrift pick' see if I can make an outfit with this piece! Here's a closer look picture of the print:

This next piece I loved it! I needed a roomy tote like this for back to school, and such a statement piece for accessorizing with!

The Print is what I fell in love with at first:

Tag Reads: n/a

I've yet to score a big designer brand, but I usually don't look at the name brand, maybe I should do that next time. Have any of you scored designer vintage pieces? I'd love to hear what it was and for how much you got it for :)

ninjaloverfly -_-

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