Saturday, August 13, 2011

ninjaloverfly's thirft pick [2]

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So this scarf is a year or two old. I remember getting it just because I thought it was pretty (tend to buy on impulse often). I never did wore it when going out because I really didn't know how. this past Thursday I ventured out with some friends and I felt like dressing preppy, and figured it was about time to incorporate this scarf somehow.

Here's how I wore it :D

Red Sweater- "borrowed" it from my mom. ;)
Jeans- Levis
Purse- Ross
Brown Booties- Shown below, but from
Miss Me ankle booties 


You can see the scarf's print a little better here, it's tan-colored with white/blue leopard print. (Apologize again for the low quality but if you read my previous blogs it will explain why they are bad quality lol)

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