Saturday, January 21, 2012

What's your body shape?

All these weird things like hearing my peers say, I'm a pear! or I wish I was an hourglass. I was like WTH are you talking about! After I understood that they were talking about their body shapes. I just found it silly the names used assThociated with body shapes; apple? square??  The proportions of the object made sense when comparing to a ones body, but personally I was confused in what category I belonged in. Everyone sees their body in their own way so here I am thinking I have these GINARMOUS thighs, but the reality was they weren't as huge as I thought them to be. So in case you find yourself in this same scenario or you are just curious to see what your body shape is I found these two websites to help you figure it out :)

this site (above is okay)
this one is a little much better because it actually lets you record your measurements for a more accurate reading :) PLUS it gives you tips on the best ways to dress your body shape and what to accentuate.


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  1. I loved the pics you posted to illustrate this post, especially the spoon lol! I had a look at the second site you linked and I agree it was really good, the fashion suggestions for my body shape were spot on!