Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Product Reviews

I am a girl with a simple life, and for the most part with simple needs. I don't often like to use many products because there's always a skeptical part in my mind saying will it work? I do not like wasting  money on useless products. I do recognize that one must do so in order to find that perfect product that works well for you. Now below I will give a review on these products that I have been using for more than a year so I can truthfully say they work well for me, and believe they will work for many out there (gosh, I sound like an infomercial). Anyways, I won't try to convince you to use it, but I will give details of why I use it/them. If you find yourself in the same boat as I am in, then why not give these a try.

  • have really dry skin? flakiness? itchiness/irritation?

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion

Since I was young I've had really dry skin. Oh my you can not imagine (unless you have experienced it). Every time after I showered I would feel my skin really soft and nice, but after mere minutes passing my face would feel like it was getting tighter. Not even an hour later I had flakes! I tried putting different lotions right after the shower and they worked... for a few days. It was just super uncomfortable for me. I also had itchy skin on my arms (in the elbow folds) and no creme soothed my arms. It got to the point where I bled from all the scratching I did. I had to squeeze lemons on just so I can make the itchiness go away (for a while). Other lotions which had scents made it even worse so I had to start looking for unscented ones. After trial and error I found this Aveeno lotion and as soon as I put it on my skin felt super soft, and the best part, it stayed that way all day until it was bedtime! I was scratching less and less the more I used it and my rashes started fading away. I also loved that with this lotion I had to apply it less often than others. Now, a year plus later I'm still using, and still loving it! While my skin conditions did better I am always in need of the lotion because I naturally have dry skin, but it's okay now that I have this with me :)

  • want long lasting eyeliners? ones that color in dark and very pigmented?
 NYX Eyeline (this one is a red lip liner, couldn't find my eyeliner teehehe)

Now, when I say 'long lasting eyeliner' let me clarify that I mean it is only the case when you press the eyeliner down with some eye shadow. I also love that it is very inexpensive ($3) and gives me the right amount of pigment that I want! I tried the .99c eyeliners, but oh man they did not work. They colored in, but very faintly (it wasn't what I wanted). I soon found this brand of eyeliner (in multiple shades I may add) and they were perfect! When I draw in the line for my top lid it works good, now on the waterline is where I press with eye shadow (I try avoiding water-proof eye products). If you want something cheap, but that it gives you a good color then this is good :)
  • washing away eye make-up with water irritating? can't get too close to inside the eyes with other products?
Neutrogena Ultra Soft Eye Makeup Remover Pads

Looove! I wish I can say always, but I frequently use eyeliner! Now, I'll be truthful, but at the end of the day I sometimes feel so lazy/tired to go wash my eyeliner off and just go to sleep like that (*gasps*). I bet most of you have done this once or twice! I'd feel like I was in an episode of the Twilight Zone if I heard other wise ;) So that being the case I decided to give these removing pads a try and I love them! (or else you wouldn't see them on here haha)  Ooh I almost forgot I love that I can be really carefree and get the pad as close to my eye as possible without worrying if any of the product goes inside my eye. I do try and be careful because even though I do that there isn't anywhere on the container where it says it's safe to do so (but nothing has happened to me so I say try that at your own risk). You must wash your face with your regular cleaner after removing your make-up with this (but shhh sometimes I don't! eeeekk!!) I just get a damp cloth and do that instead. I can not guarantee how well these work for water-proof eye makeup, but if any of you know please share :)

I will try using new products just so I can review on here, but I thought I'd start with my most loved ones first. Take care random readers sending out virtual hugs!

ninjaloverfly :)

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